"It was on that night, that I retired all thoughts of mermaids, pirates and fraternizing with lost boys and chose to seek adventures that were tangible and required more than just a happy thought"

Just A Dream Away marks the second official release by singer/songwriter Ariel Imani Van Alstyne as AIVA Redflower, featuring collaborations with Swedish composer Voz Vibrante and Guitarist Cory Grindberg. When lightning struck in a moment of darkness while residing in a tiny Camden studio flat, a message rang clear for AIVA and found its voice in #SUCKERSFORPYRITE, an anthem for the dreamer that lives on within each of us. Accompanied by the world premiere of its captivating video which highlights the fiery spark of passion that exists within contemporary youth culture in times of adversity and injustice. This visual experience features inspirational video submissions from across the globe curated by AIVA. Just A Dream Away is a meditation on adolescence past and spiritual growth, setting a foundation for the next chapter in the journey of AIVA Redflower.